Hall Em In Handmade Wooden Lures


"Tradition Lives on With Handmade Wooden Lures"

Handmade wooden fishing lures, dating back to the late 19 th  century, are the objects of desire for many collectors, but they're not just historical objects. The father-son team of Fred and David Hall in Florida combined life-long passions for fishing and woodworking as the basis for their specialty company, Hall Em In. Making lures since 2005, their creations have attracted a serious fan base and, from reports in the fishing magazine, for good reason. Made from fine, exotic woods, the lures show individual behaviors unlike anything seen with mass-produced plastic ones. Their designs - and names - reflect their origins in the experience and passion for fishing for the Halls and their fishing friends: Boca Bite, Chokoloskee Chomp and Capt. Steve's Menace are just a few examples. They are available from a select number of retail outlets in Florida, but can also be ordered through their website. Tackle boxes made from pecky cypress wood and treasure boxes and shadow frames to display collectible lures are custom-made from exotic woods, too.



Hall Em In

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