How To Make Juglines To Catch Catfish


Juglines are one of the most effective tools for catching big catfish. Juglines allow you to cover a lot of water and put a lot of bait out for the catfish to find. Catching catfish on juglines may not be as fun as catching them on rod and reel, but if you are trying to catch bigger fish and try to catch fish to eat, there is no way faster than using juglines.

You will need the following equipment to make a jugline.
1 jug
40 feet of nylon trotline string
5 swivels
5 hooks
1 can white spray paint
1 weight

The jug needs to be fairly large. You can use a two liter soda bottle, milk jug with a screw on lid, or juice container with a handle. As long as the jug is fairly large, has an area you can tie string to and is water tight, it will work. You can purchase nylon trotline string at most general good stores or outdoor and sporting good stores. You will want 5 medium sized swivels and 5 hooks. The size of hook is based on the size of fish you might catch and the size of bait you are using. In Texas your jug must be white in color. If the jug you use is not white you will need to spray paint it white. For the weight you can use many different items. You can use a brick if you have one around. You can also use old parts that weigh a pound or more. Otherwise you can make your own weights. To make your own weights you need, concrete, red solo cups and heavy gauge metal wire. Mix the concrete and pour into red solo cups. Fill them about ¾ full. Cut the wire into 3 inch pieces. Bend the wire into a shape similar to the omega sign. Basically the shape you want is the shape of the letter C but with both end bent outwards from the center. Place the wire into the concrete inside the cups to make a handle to tie your line to. Let these dry for a day or two before use.

Spray paint the jug white if it is not already white. Let the jug dry for at least an hour. Cut the nylon string into a 30 foot piece. The remaining 10 feet of line should be cut into 5, 2 feet lengths. Tie a hook to the end of each of the 5 lines. On the main line, one end will be tied to the jug, the other end will be tied to the weight. Every 5 feet along the main line you will tie a swivel. Attach each of the 5 lines to each of the swivels. At this point you should have a jug at one end, a swivel with 2 feet of line and a hook every 5 feet down the main line and a weight on the end. To be legal in Texas you must mark the jug with your name, address and the date you place the jug in the water. User a permanent marker otherwise the water will wash it away.

For bait you can use whatever your favorite bait is. Shad or perch make excellence bait. You can use dough bait, hot dogs, minnows, cheese or other baits as well. For best results, put the jugs out right before dark. Leave them overnight, but check them very early. Sometimes other fisherman will steal your jugs or the fish on them. Also the longer a fish is on the line the more chance it will get off. Check all laws in your state. Each state has different rules about juglines. Make sure you are in compliance before you get a ticket.