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Bass fishing in ponds can be on of the best ways to catch a trophy sizes largemouth bass! I get asked on a daily basis what my favorite baits to use when I'm fishing ponds, so here it is! My top 5 favorite pond fishing baits to catch bass!

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▪️Set-Up #1:
Castaway Taranis 7' 3" Heavy -
7.5:1 Reel
50lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid -

▪️Set-Up #2:
Topwater Walking Bait

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LamePbassin and I hit up the local pond to compete in our very first Barbie Pole challenge. Instead of doing what most have already done we decided to add our own twist and throw in the MTB Pro box. Not only did we have to fish with a 2ft fairy wand, but we were also limited to what we were allowed to fish with. I really hope you enjoyed this

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WATCH IN HD! Went out to the pits for a evening of fishing. Was shocked to find that some fish ere still on beds. I took Advantage of the clear water and had a great evening of bass fishing.

All my fish were caught on the Bio Spawn 6 & 4 Inch Plasma Tail

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The LAST and final day of our Wisconsin excursion Ft. Apbassin, Andrew Flair, and that one guy Chris. I hope you all enjoyed this 5 part series. If you are reading this and want me to do more (or less) vlog series like this let me know! Like I've said in the past your feedback is golden and I love hearing everyones input. Thanks for watching and as always...keep fishing, never stop!
--Young Plugg

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FINALLY! Safe ice is here in Nor. IL. Huge thanks to Kris and Billy for taking me out on their local honey hole and showing me how to pin down these finicky pond bass. Hope you guys enjoyed the vid, be sure to give this vid a like homie! --Young Plugg Billys Channel: Music: Song: the rains -- Artist: tessallated & kasia Link: Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD: Fishing The Midwest Music INSTAGRAM: fishing_the_midwest TWITTER: fishingthemw SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw PERISCOPE: fishingthemw FACEBOOK: Fishing The Midwest #ftmw Equipment Used: -Rod: 24" Med. Light St. Croix Premiere Ice -Reel: Shakespeare Intrepid -Line: 4lb Seaguar Abrazx -Lure: Swedish Pimple -Bait: Dead wax-worm. Weather Conditions: Precipitation: none Sky: Overcast from 11am-4pm Air Temperature: 22-25oF Wind: 8-10mph Time: 7:45am-5pm EST Water Conditions: Average Depth: 5-9ft Ice: 2-3in Vegetation: none Bottom content: gravel, sand, mud Water Clarity: 3'-4' Estimated Water Temp: 33-34oF This video was filmed and


Cornell from YouTubeFISHINGVIDS invited me back to his home lake. The last time we fished it was December, the water was freezing, and the bite was brutal. Completely different conditions this time, with water temps in the low 60s, I slay a 2.5 lber in the first 5 minutes of the day on a buzzbait! You'll have to watch the rest to see how our 13 hour day on the water unfolds... Get a Deeper Smart Fishfinder here! Check out Cornell's channel - ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------------------- Lures Used: ---War Eagle Buzzbait (3/8 ounce, black/gold, 1/0 gamakatsu trailer hook) ---River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130 (loon) ---Straight Tail Roboworm 6" (morning dawn, 1/0 Gamakatsu Roboworm Rebarb hooks, 1/8 ounce tungsten weight) ---Gary Yamamoto Senko 5" (watermelon magic, 4/0 gamakatsu EWG hook) Rod/Reel/Line used: ---13 Fishing Concept C (7:3:1 - 20 lb suffix 832 braid) with a 13 Fishing Envy Black rod 6'10" med/

Striped Bass fishing with bucktails on a shallow bay while kayak fishing. Striped Bass fishing tips for casting bucktails. This supplements Chapter 9 in my book, Fishing the Bucktail


Using a Strike King Spit-N-King popper to catch some early summer bass. Take a look at our website at