Daily Catches aboard the Pt. Judith RI Charter Boat C-Devil II


Watch gigantic schools of savage bluefish blitzing on peanut bunker and pushing the bait and themselves right onto the beach. It's a frenzy of birds, bait, blues and a special slow motion look at how they attack a hookless lure. It doesn't get anymore insane than this.


MORE Fishing for Bluefish off of the beaches of Cape Cod Mass! We filmed for six months to get some of this footage and we got it all! Tailwalks, Multiple Fish breaking the surface, Under water footage, you name it! Cape cod fishing is some of the best action on earth, it is a must try and must see!


Big bluefish slamming topwater plugs in NJ. Video by Tom Lynch. Veteran anglers Bob McGinley, Eric Hoff and Bill fished Ron Muccie (Indestructable PVC) and Lex Lure pencil poppers with great success. Roberts Rangers, Big Ed's and other assorted topwater plugs also scored big. All hooks were barbless. All fish were released. Video features high-frame-rate slow motion imagery.

9:29 More then how to catch bluefish - how to catch bigger bluefish and more bluefish. We show you what our secret weapon is. Our secret bluefish weapon comes complete with titanium wire line, so it will stand up to those toothy bluefish. Our secret is... the Viper Spoon! Take a look for yourself. Let us know what you think.

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Drifting for Fluke at Block Islands North Rip


Great action aboard our Charterboat fishing Block Island.


Fishing aboard the Pt. Judith RI charter boat C-Devil II