Building a hand cranked lathe and turning balsa fishing floats (bobbers) I have always been a bit envious of fly tiers; not because of the work the produce but the iddy, biddy workspace and the vice. With this project I wanted a fly tier's workspace and similar tools but instead of creating flies I wanted to make fishing floats. As always getting from the initial idea to a usable float was a bit of circus but I think I got there in the end.


trout fishing with bobbers at White Pines Lake CA

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How to set up basic slip bobber rigs. This technique allows you to fish much deeper than a traditional clip on bobber, while keeping your bait suspended in the strike zone above any obstructions. They're an effective way to target many species of freshwater game fish. We like to run my slips with larger minnows, or leeches. Set the stop so the bait is suspended a few feet off bottom. They're especially good in spring and fall for walleyes. **************************************************************************** Facebook: Instagram: Google+: **************************************************************************** Related Videos: Slip Bobber Walleye Action: Big Walleyes on Bobbers:


Most fishing bobbers have a hook inside that's sole purpose is to grab the fishing line. Find out how a bobber jerks downward when a fish is caught with help from a fish biologist and fisherman in this free video on fishing bobbers. Expert: Wayne Gustaveson Contact: Bio: Wayne Gustaveson is a fish biologist by trade and a fisherman by choice. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips