More carp fishing in England at Cherry lakes. We also visited Caerphilly castle in Wales and the Bibury Trout farm and Windsor before heading back home. Had a wonderful trip.
Cherry Lakes
Caerphilly Castle
Bibury Trout Farm


We went bowfishing in shallow waters for Tilapia and Carp at Lake Mead. Bowfishing takes practice and this video demonstrates how we find the Tilapia and hunt them with our AMS Bowfishing gear. If you have never tried bowfishing we recommend this you give it a try. We had a blast while helping take care of the invasive species populations.

Video by Sin City Outdoors

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Carp caught on floating bread crust, Forda Lodges and Cottages 12th May 2011. visit or


Watch as the carp become braver around the rig and boilie as the light gets dimmer


WATCH IN HD. On this episode of bigbassmaster1 I go down to the carp ponds and do some carp fishing end up with one 24 pound nice bug grass carp


Caught on a home made simple ledger rig. small swivel, 6lb main line, 8lb leader, size 6 korum hook. 1 piece sweetcorn from a can on the hair. My arm was killing me after catching back to back big carp that fought for 10 mins a round, Had to get this one banked before my arm fell off! wouldn't fit in my net, not even close, had to bring her into a muddy bank and quickly onto a soft grassy area. Released in fine form as I caught it. (unhooking mat is in the mail on the way)


The catch of 4 nice fish. Good shots of the takes on the float! The scenes with the two carp I lost didn't make it to the director's cut... Sorry 'bout the noise, I switched the sound of but it didn't work. Pond is in The Netherlands.