Chain Pickerel

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Fishing for the little cousin of the muskie in southern New Brunswick in June 2016. Chain pickerel are a great sport fish that provide lots of action. They're quite abundant in the Province and are a great species for the young and old alike.
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While Kayak fishing, i have hooked on a monster dropshot fishing at a south jersey pond. I landed a chain pickerel that was definitely heavier than 5 lbs. My brother previously hooked onto one that was 4.7 lbs that was a bit smaller. Trip was on July 3, 2015. On my Jackson Kayak Cuda 12.

As you have noticed, I am watching my fish finder as I am familiar with the area. I was fishing around a side of a point where i was constantly seeing fish after the dropoff because there are weeds after it. I put my lure down right after the drop off and when then weed starts and BOOM goes the dynamite! The pickerel smashes my lure and i was in for one heck of a fight!

And yeah.. I screwed up the text in the video... I must have hit the Undo button 1 extra time LOL.....

Lowrance Elite 4 CHIRP
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12
Okuma Trio-S
Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod 7 ft
Suffix 832 Braid - 6lbs
Zoom Tiny Fluke
Mustad #2 Aberdeen hook

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Ft Bragg fishing, Beaver Pond fishing for chain Pickerel

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Kayak Fishing for Chain Pickerel


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I caught this 21-inch chain pickerel on an ice fishing rod in New York during July -- the dog days of summer. I was using a white marabou micro jig to target black crappie that day from my boat, but I hooked into this pickerel by accident. I didn't catch too much else that day. It was windy on and off, if I remember correctly. I was using my ice rod because it was more sensitive to bites than the other rods I had at the time, and also it's always fun and more of a challenge to use a little ice rod with 3 lb test.

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Uploaded on Oct 25, 2010

Halloween chain pickerel fishing with Hero HD (uncut because I have no HD space left) - 1st fish

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Total chain pickerel in the video: 18
Total largemouth bass in the video: 1