Congratulations to Marlee Norman Jr and Tony Taylor Winning tournament on Lake Seminole 1st place and big fish. Great job guys! For more information visit:


Crappie, bass and pike on slip bobber on Wabigoon Lake near Dryden Ontario.

during spring the crappie and bass can be found really shallow as they spawn and guard their nests.

Minnows, minnow imitation or crappie tubes and Fox Vibrax lures were used in the video.

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Docks are crappie magnets during the spring and fall months, and dock shooting is the most effective way to reach them. Crappie fishing ace Lee Pitts breaks it down in detail in this thorough video: how to shoot docks, fish location, reading docks, tackle/equipment and more. If you like crappie fishing and enjoy a little eye-hand coordination, you’ll want to watch this.


Tom and Aaron discuss and demonstrate early season Black Crappie tactics with fixed floats.


Summertime crappie fishing. Host Tim Farmer joins guide Tom Perkins on Nolin River Lake to show differences between the winter technique and when the temperatures are bubbling over.


Catchin'm on a farm pond in Southern Ohio.GoPro HD


Lake Talquin Crappie Fishing

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Got out and chased some crappies in Northeastern Minnesota this last weekend. We were fishing a deep hole and the fish were suspended at 20'-45'. Jr's hot tomalley (blood red) was a good lure early on. Later in the day the Lindy Rattl'n flyer (rainbow/glow) produced a good number of fish. Both baits were tipped with two waxies. I also got a chance to watch the new Strikemaster Solo....that thing has some power!