Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a March Brown Spider


Here's a fly from http://holsingersflyshop.com. The Prince Nymph is a classic nymph pattern that has probably caught millions of trout. All the techniques in this nymph pattern are simple techniques that all beginning tyer's should learn.This prince is tied in the standard pattern. Please check out our website @ http://holsingersflyshop.com for all the materials used in this fly. And don't forget to like us on facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


http://mtbpt.blogspot.com/2012/09/how-to-tie-20-adams-dry-fly.html No trout in the world can resist a size #20 Adam's Dry Fly... In this short fly tying video, Capt. Matt quickly shows how to tie a sweet little Adam's. This Dry Fly Pattern is without a doubt one of the most popular Dry Fly Patterns in fly fishing and is known to trout fishers the world over. The Adam's can be used to imitate many different mayfly species and is a great attractor during any hatch. Capt Matt guides for trout with dry flies on the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers near Aspen, CO. For more information about guided fly fishing go to http://www.riplips.com


Here's a great steelhead pattern from http://holsingersflyshop.com. This is a pattern we use with lots of success on steelheads and stocked trout. Crystal Meth is a pretty easy fly to tie and any steelheader should have a box full of them. Please check out our website @ http://holsingersflyshop.com for all you fly tying needs and more videos. You can also like us on Facebook and please subscribe to our channel.

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The Post-Gazette's Outdoors Editor John Hayes talks about wet fly fishing with Dave Allbaugh of Wet Fly Waterguides.


Welcome to the third episode in our "Beginners Series" from http://holsingersflyshop.com. In this episode you will learn how to tie the very simple yet very successful Brassie pattern. This is a great nymphing pattern that everyone should have in their fly box. And as always, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new patterns and don't forget to check out our website, http://holsingersflyshop.com.


Gary David Blount's Custom Dry Fly Patterns Gary David Blount's Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals: blountspublishing@yahoo.com Purchase Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals at www.books.google.com You are about to experience Fly Fishing for Wild Trout in a whole new way. There are no known Fly Fishing books on the market that are written in my chronological format, "Angling Day's". The Rocky Mountain Fishing Journals are 30-years of chronological, "Angling Day's", Fly Fishing expeditions in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. The flies used to catch and land all the trout were either originated, known patterns altered, field-tested and hand tied by the author. There are no known fly shops selling any of Gary David Blount's Custom Fly Patterns. These flies can only be seen by purchasing my Gary David Blount's Custom Fly Patterns and Fly Tying Material Menus Journal at www.books.google.com. You,


Here's a great pattern I learn on a fishing trip to Kettle Creek this year. Like all flies from http://holsingersflyshop.com this is a fly we fish regularly. This fly is an intermediate level fly to tie. We hope you enjoy the video and if you do please subscribe to our youttube channel. Also please check out our website at http://holsingersflyshop.com and like us on facebook.