Welcome to the second episode in our "Beginners Series" from http://holsingersflyshop.com. In this episode I will show you how to tie a simple wet ant pattern. I fish this fly as a wet fly and also as a nymph. At the right time of the year (summer months) its a real killer fly. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new patterns and don't forget to check out our website, http://holsingersflyshop.com.


http://holsingersflyshop.com Here's an old pattern we've used with much success over the years. This simple pattern has a lot of basic wet fly tying techniques. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to check out our website at http://holsingersflyshop.com and like us on facebook. Also if you like our videos please subscribe to our Youtube channel


http://holsingersflyshop.com Here is the pattern we used on our recent trip to Colorado for monster cuttroats. This is a simple pattern we used with great success on the Uncompahgre River. In four days of fishing I managed to land 7 fish between 19 and 22 inches and lost 3-4 fish that size. This is the pattern that goes with our tavelog on our Colorado trip. Please don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates and check out our website for all your fly fishing needs http://holsingersflyshop.com


Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowsports Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowsports Fishing with wet flies is all about working with how the flies are presented below the surface. Fish with wet flies with help from a longtime fishing expert in this free video clip. Expert: Jon Haas Contact: fishrockproductions.com Bio: From his early years growing up fishing for bass, trout and catfish in Arizona, Jon Haas has been living the evolution of a fisherman. Filmmaker: Michael Lindberg Series Description: When you get started with fishing, one thing that you always have to think about is the delivery method. Get fishing tips that you can put to good use in a variety of situations with help from a longtime fishing expert in this free video series.


http://holsingersflyshop.com brings you this great wet fly pattern, the Golden Pheasant Tail Wet Fly. I fish this fly a lot as a dropper on my nymph leader and it works great. It's a great generic wet fly pattern. Please don't forget to check out our website @ http://holsingersflyshop.com. You can also like us on facebook and subscribe to our YouTube page. Thanks for watching.


Welcome to another video from http://holsingersflyshop.com. Here is my way for tying sucker spawn. This way of tying it is called scrambled eggs with the dark color down the middle and light on the outside. I use this pattern for steelhead and salmon on the fall and I also you it on stockies in the spring. I tie about half of my sucker spawn in the scrambled eggs and half in solid colors. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and check us out on the web at http://holsingersflyshop.com


There are two types of fly fishing flies, and they are distinguished as surface and sub-surface flies with the surface ones being called dry flies. Discover examples of surface and sub-surface flies with help from a fly fishing guide in this free video on fly fishing flies. Expert: Walt Geryk Contact: neffguide.com Bio: Walt Geryk is an Orvis-endorsed fly and spey fishing guide with over 30 years of experience. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso