Alaska Fishing. Monster Halibut, fishing with Saltwater Safari out of Seward Alaska


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Norway, Vannoy, Torsvag, June 2011. Halibut 152kg, 2,15 meters


Almost three years since this video has been posted, and I am happy to see some of the YouTube community has enjoyed this video and hope they will continue to in the future. This video was of a halibut catch while made in Gustavus, Alaska, a beautiful part of America that I am happy to have seen.


Mirage Sportfishing catching a 55lb California halibut and right after another 35lb halibut out of channels islands sportfishing ciscos in ventura county Official scale weight on the Berkley digital scale 55lbs and 36lbs What a great trip. Channel Islands Sportfishing - Ciscos Monster Giant California Halibut Check out my other videos http://www.youtube.com/user/robertyoon


Longlining for halibut in Glacier Bay, Günter, Stefan und Sissi

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What a monster fish.... 91 inches... 425 lbs... This was caught in Sitka, Alaska. I had to put the camera down to help haul the thing on board. Big game fishing at its best.