Three different ways of removing fish hooks that are buried deeply in a persons arm are shown. Four separate hooks are inserted and removed.

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Youtube Video by Pole Bender

I tried Muddy River Catfishing's Chicken Liver Chum Bait VS my Garlic Hot Dogs and the results were amazing. I took this experiment to my favorite Texas fishing hole expecting different results. This stuff is good and will be put into my catfishing arsenal. Check out Muddy River Catfishing on youtube... he's a pro As requested, I put a list below of the gear used in this video. Tight Lines Everyone!

Black Pole: 5/0 Octopus Hook


Double Drop Rig

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5 different fishing hooks that I use while fishing


For beginner anglers, the hook aisle at a tackle shop can seem overwhelming. Fishing hooks come in hundreds of styles and can be used to target many different species. Follow along with Take Me Fishing and Eagle Claw as we explain the anatomy of a hook as well as the three main types of hooks on the market. For more fishing how-to information and tips, visit Takemefishing.org.

Huge Northern Pike

Northern Pike over 40 inches. Caught by Jerry on the first cast in Saskatchewan Canada at Black Bear Island Lodge.