Video by Sin City Outdoors.  We fished a small lake in Nevada for Largemouth Bass and Bluegills. We caught tons of fish and had a blast. We released all Bass and kept about 15 Bluegills. We heard about this lake through a Subscriber who asked for us to keep the lake a secret. If you know what lake it is.... please respect his request. I'll See You Outdoors!

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Published on Jun 19, 2016 Youtube Video by j0j0barz33  

The LAST and final day of our Wisconsin excursion Ft. Apbassin, Andrew Flair, and that one guy Chris. I hope you all enjoyed this 5 part series. If you are reading this and want me to do more (or less) vlog series like this let me know! Like I've said in the past your feedback is golden and I love hearing everyones input. Thanks for watching and as always...keep fishing, never stop!
--Young Plugg

Song: Crunching -- Artist: Croup


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In this video I am fishing one of my favorite bass spots with thundershad crankbaits. According to the people who stock the lake, there are 2 catfish in every lake, a bullhead and a channel. The neighborhood had a large fish kill in 2011 and has been challenging to catch a nice fish since. The channel died leaving the bullhead. That brown bullhead was the first catfish ever to be pulled out of that lake (i think). He took a thundershad crankbait that I was trolling very slow on the bottom. Subscribe!


See what it's like to catch a giant lake trout on one of the world's largest freshwater lakes. For higher quality videos check out iFISHTV at

Huge Northern Pike
Black Bear Island Lodge's picture

Northern Pike over 40 inches. Caught by Jerry on the first cast in Saskatchewan Canada at Black Bear Island Lodge.