The mercury is falling, which means it’s time to try out Deeper’s Ice Fishing Mode. Use your Deeper as a traditional ice fishing flasher, switch to amplitude scope mode to track your lure, zoom in for more detail, or use split screen mode to see the flasher and regular displays.

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Making lures / jerk baits for pike fishing


Here's a great steelhead pattern from This is a pattern we use with lots of success on steelheads and stocked trout. Crystal Meth is a pretty easy fly to tie and any steelheader should have a box full of them. Please check out our website @ for all you fly tying needs and more videos. You can also like us on Facebook and please subscribe to our channel.


My best pond fishing lures I have at the moment!


Here's a great pattern I learn on a fishing trip to Kettle Creek this year. Like all flies from this is a fly we fish regularly. This fly is an intermediate level fly to tie. We hope you enjoy the video and if you do please subscribe to our youttube channel. Also please check out our website at and like us on facebook.


Fishing can be great fun for you and for your friends and family. -Spinners -Spoons -Soft Plastics -Lures & Baits -flies -fake worms ( Marukyu isome worms ) - blade dancer by powebaith -home made fly from paracord video music: Willow and the Light by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Music (permission through RPM Network) Website: Song Used: summer drive extra tags: Fishing with Hooks, Sinkers, Bobbers & Rigging,Fishing with Live Bait, About Fishing Lures,Fishing Plugs & Crankbaits, Fishing Spinners,Fishing Spoons, Fishing Jigs,Fishing Soft Plastics, Fishing Lures & Baits, Bluegill, Crappie ,Catfish ,Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Perch Fishing , Salmon & Trout , Smallmouth Bass, Stream/River Trout,


Heres another addition to the "Beginners Fly Tying Series" from, the Copper John. This fly is a little of the standard pattern for a Copper John but is just as succcessfull as if not more than the original.I tie this patterns in different colors too like red, blue and chartuese. I hope you enjoy the video and if you do please subscribe to my channel. Also check out our website at and like us on facebook. Thanks fot watching.