Northern Pike


James Holst and Chad Thompson crank big Rapalas for super-sized shallow, spring Pike in Onatario, Canada, on a walk-in lake known for a hot spot called the "Bay of Pigs." Holst is host of "In-Depth Outdoors" TV. Thompson owns nearby Pasha Lake Cabins ( Production Team Videographer: Ben Larson Editors: Greg Huff, Ben Larson Graphics & Sound: Ben Larson Producer: James Holst

Catching trophy northern pike and walleyes at North Haven Resort on Utik Lake, Manitoba. 5 Star resort with great fishing and incredible amenities! Wilderness fishing adventure in comfort. For Blogs, Photography and more Ron Spomer check out Connect on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Produced by Ron Spomer Outdoors, Inc.

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Team Xplore

Eagle Lake Ontario, Fishing for muskie. Catching a monster northern pike on a red horse sucker magnum bulldawg. This day we raised 4 muskie all off rock points. This fish came off a rock shoal with 75 degree water.

Huge Northern Pike
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Black Bear Isla...

Northern Pike over 40 inches. Caught by Jerry on the first cast in Saskatchewan Canada at Black Bear Island Lodge.