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Film about my fishing trips to Russia, mostly Siberia in last few years.


Filmed late December, 2012 - James Holst and Joel Nelson explore a North Dakota slough in search of a hot perch bite. What they find is a yellow perch feeding frenzy! Production Team Videographer: Ben Brettigen Editors: Greg Huff and Ben Larson Graphics: Ben Larson


Hello again folks, this week we're out fishing the waters of Lake Erie giving you loads of great tips and tricks on how to catch those huge yellow lake perch. We show you exactly how we're fishing, what baits we're using, and exactly how deep we are as we catch those yellow lake perch. Please enjoy this lake perch video, and let us know what you think in the comments below! As always, good fishin'!


3-25-2012 had one of our best days on lake erie for perch sunday . filled a big cooler with jumbos 9-15 inches ,a lot over 12". fished with my brother and his kid mitchel -mike missed out on some great fishing action. FISHING OUT OF STURGEON POINT ON NEW YORK SECTION OF LAKE ERIE background music by jason shaw - skinny leonard last day before boat launch closed for dredging. got our bait and good fishing info from dave's bait & tackle in derby ny.

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Escanaba Lake Wisconsin. Caught hundreds (maybe thousands) this day, including a few bonus fish. Most were on the small side, but did cooler a few meals.