Welcome to the forth episode in our "Beginners Series" from http://holsingersflyshop.com. In this episode you will learn how to tie the Soft Hackle Hare's Ear. This is a great fly to have in your box and on your leader any time your fishing wet fly's. I also usually have one of these on a dropper on my nymph leader. The Hares Ear is a generic fly meant to resemble various insects. And as always, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new patterns and don't forget to check out our website, http://holsingersflyshop.com.


Off shore winds, clear water, calm seas...one of those perfect Florida days. Nephew John and I drove 600 miles on Sportsters just to fish Florida lakes, ponds and piers.


Lots of fun catching small fish off the end of the pier. Between my wife and I we caught well over 100 fish in two days. Using mostly shrimp as bait. See my other video that explains the rig.


While fishing off the pier in Cocoa Beach FL we used shrimp as bait. There are many ways to do this but for these conditions this approach worked the best.


The first of our Totally Awesome Pier fishing tips videos. In this episode, Graeme Pullen takes The Totally Awesome Fishing Show down to Eastbourne in Sussex, for an exclusive interview with one of Britains top shore match anglers, Tony Kirrage. If you enjoy shore and beach fishing, then you are going to appreciate the tips on how to fish a pier, beginners and experienced alike should find something in here that might get them the extra fish. Pier fishing is ideal for beginners to shore fishing, as no long casting is involved, and you have easy access, and usually the help of other pier anglers.


Winga demonstrates an effective land based technique for targeting large snapper. The location: Mornington pier in storm force conditions. He goes on to film a local legend Mario catching a ripper BIG RED using the exact same techniques shown only minutes before. Classic fishing TV this video