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Bass fishing in ponds can be on of the best ways to catch a trophy sizes largemouth bass! I get asked on a daily basis what my favorite baits to use when I'm fishing ponds, so here it is! My top 5 favorite pond fishing baits to catch bass!

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▪️Set-Up #1:
Castaway Taranis 7' 3" Heavy - http://goo.gl/Q3VQhy
7.5:1 Reel
50lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid - http://goo.gl/TjJSJl

▪️Set-Up #2:
Topwater Walking Bait

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Went hunting and started fishing. Never went hunting!!! Caught a fish on the first 15 cast, ended up catching over 75 Bass and White Pearch. What a Day!!!


I initially created this video as a tutorial, but that kinda backfired. It does, however, include some of the basics for catching bullhead successfully. Sorry that I couldn't catch any during the demonstration somewhere in the middle of the video. I missed all the fish in that part of the video for some reason. Watch the line on the third attempt, though. If you look closely, you might be able to see the line tighten and start to move around. The largest fish caught in the video was around 15", which is an inch over Master Angler Award minimum size. http://fishingzone.zxq.net/


Just fishing at a small neighborhood pond, nothing special. Using the Gary Yamamoto Light watermelon w/ red flake senko. Wacky rigged.


It was too nice outside to not be fishing so we hit up our neighborhood pond. As you can see, the pond is pretty low, but it is still loaded. Also, you guys/gals will get a sneak peak at Hybrid Killer's prototype Auto-fish-SHANKER! Just one of many side projects we have going on. Stay tuned for more videos and a DIY on how you can make your own.


Kurt vonBrandt of THE BASS COLLEGE shows you how to catch not only numbers of bass, but GIANT bass from small waters and farm ponds from your local areas, on this video Kurt catches a 7 lb bass on a chatterbait, and over 40 other bass!