My Homemade pontoon boat! this was the first boat ever made but definitely not the last. i prefer to call this my pontoon boat but many have referred to it as a raft...probably because i built this boat in Florida back in 2002. this boat was quick and easy to build and i was able to float it in one day!

material were simple:
2 - 12" diameter PVC pipes - 10 foot long
4 - pipe caps
6 - 1/8" x 2" metal strapping
1 - 1/2" pressure treated plywood sheet
6 - 8' long pressure treated 2x4's
and assorted stainless steel fasteners

i dont remember exactly how much this boat cost me back in 2002 but i think it was less than $200 excluding the engine, which i picked up at a flea market for $50. i just had to rebuild the carburetor...that was a project.
all in all this little boat was ALOT of fun...for very little cost.
if you build one please remember to be safe!