Rod/Reel Combo


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3:29 is a great guide to help you get started ice fishing. An ice fishing rod is typically shorter than a freshwater rod. The USA Ice Fishing Team is here with tips on choosing from the different options for rods while ice fishing. For more information on ice fishing and other types of fishing, visit: For more information on the USA Ice Fishing Team, visit:


Designed for anglers on the move, compact tackle setup comes in its own hard case, and is ideal for stowing in luggage, backpacking, or keeping under a car seat
Ultralight MS-S500T reel with smooth, ball bearing drive, multi-disc drag, 5.1-to-1 retrieve, GyroSpin balancing, and Twist Buster line twist reduction
Matching 4.5-foot, five-piece ultralight rod for two-to-six-pound test lines and 0.0625-to-0.25-ounce lures
Ultra-compact hard case includes built-in tackle compartments