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LamePbassin and I hit up the local pond to compete in our very first Barbie Pole challenge. Instead of doing what most have already done we decided to add our own twist and throw in the MTB Pro box. Not only did we have to fish with a 2ft fairy wand, but we were also limited to what we were allowed to fish with. I really hope you enjoyed this


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I tried Muddy River Catfishing's Chicken Liver Chum Bait VS my Garlic Hot Dogs and the results were amazing. I took this experiment to my favorite Texas fishing hole expecting different results. This stuff is good and will be put into my catfishing arsenal. Check out Muddy River Catfishing on youtube... he's a pro As requested, I put a list below of the gear used in this video. Tight Lines Everyone!

Black Pole: 5/0 Octopus Hook

Double Drop Rig

4:25 Hello everyone, This week we have a very informative video for you on how to choose a fishing rod. Often when you go to the store to buy a fishing rod, you can be overwhelmed with all the different types of rods. In this video we explain the different types of fishing rods and what they are best suited for. We cover fast tip fishing rods versus a slow tip; medium action, heavy action, and light action rods; as well as the difference between fiberglass fishing rods and graphite rods. This guide explains things you need to know before you buy a new fishing rod. As always, good fishin!


Testing the new D.A.M. Nanoflex rods. For more info check out:


Star Rods Fishing Rod Review. The Star Rods Stellar Lite and Stellar Surf Series are discussed in this video. Both Series of fishing rods are built using the finest components. Both series of rods are all that are aboard my boat during my personal and charter fishing trips. The Star Rods Stellar Series has served me well for many years for all the various types of inshore saltwater fishing I do. Star Rods uses high Modulus IM-7 graphite blanks for the foundation of these fishing rods. Quality Fuji reel seats and guides are found in both series. The handles on the Star Rods Stellar Lite Series feature straight cork grips where as the Stellar Surf handle features wrapped cork tape finished off with the reel seat and hypalon grips. I would place these fishing rods up against any of the more well known brand names(i.e. Lamiglas and G-Loomis) carrying price tags of two and, sometimes even three, times the cost of the Star Rods Stellar Series. See the entire Star Rods lineup at Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters fishes the waters of Great