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Film about my fishing trips to Russia, mostly Siberia in last few years.


Video by kitesurfusa

This video is about salmon fishing the honey hole with good friends, FISH ON.


Salmon fishing tips: Halibut fishing tips: Lingcod fishing tips: Boat mods: Gear reviews: We set the boat record with this 62lb chinook salmon caught in the waters of Prince Rupert BC just south of Alaska. We caught the king salmon fishing with a herring about 45' deep. A big run of chinook had moved in from Langara Island the night before. Watch as the FishinBC crew (angler Brian the "Anchorman" aka - Ron Bergundy) lands this trophy fish and our excitement as we find out exactly how big this fish is. Throughout BC a 30 pound salmon is considered a tyee while a 50 is a major trophy and anything above


Welcome to the first episode of our "Beginners Fly Tying Series" from This fly is the Walts Worm, named after Walt Young the inventor. One of the simplest flies to tie and when fished right will catch tons of fish. Fish this fly in streams with with lots of scuds and crane fly. Please subscribe to our channel we are always adding new videos to make you a better tyer. And don't forget to check us out at


Here's an easy one from This is my chewee worm pattern. It's a simple fly to tie that only requires a little bitl of material. I also tie this in an olive color with a chartruese band that looks really nice. Like always, please visit our website @ and like us on facebook. If you like what you seen here please subscribe to our YouTube page.


Fish the Trask & Wilson Rivers out of the Wilson River Lodge with guides Nick Laviolette and Big Dave Manners along with Jake Gregg of Clackacraft. Learn Fall Chinook techniques on these two classic Oregon rivers.


Welcome to the second episode in our "Beginners Series" from In this episode I will show you how to tie a simple wet ant pattern. I fish this fly as a wet fly and also as a nymph. At the right time of the year (summer months) its a real killer fly. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new patterns and don't forget to check out our website,

9:17 brings you this great wet fly pattern, the Golden Pheasant Tail Wet Fly. I fish this fly a lot as a dropper on my nymph leader and it works great. It's a great generic wet fly pattern. Please don't forget to check out our website @ You can also like us on facebook and subscribe to our YouTube page. Thanks for watching.