A short video showing how to melt your own lead sinkers. We used scrap lead to do this. The molds are Flat Bank and Bank. They are Do-It brand and cost about $20 each. The meting pots are Lee Production Pots and cost about $50. Be sure to use gloves and safety glasses. Hot lead will burn you fast.

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This is how I make sinkers for fishing!


Mark pours some pyramid lead fishing weights


When fishing, a trolling sinker should be used in high-speed trolling, an egg sinker should be used to slide on the actual line, and a bank sinker keeps the weight on the bottom. Discover how to place several different sinkers with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on placing sinkers in fishing. Expert: Mark The Shark Contact: Bio: Captain Mark The Shark is an expert on charter fishing for any type of fish. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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