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How to Fly Fish in Colorado with Confidence

Music by Danial Bachman

And James Beaudreau

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Fly Fishing in New Zealands back country with fishy Steve Taupo guide..
Check out for more fishing stories and adventures from Tasmania and the world!!

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Unexpected catch ► 10:57

Made a little day trip to hit a beautiful stream that is rumored to hold some GIANT brown trout. Upon arrival, it was painful to see them tucked up under a tree branch...laughing at me as I hurled my sparkly eggs. While the big browns swerved me, I did catch a ton of fish including an unexpected species while fishing this little creek.

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Nice rainbow trout on light tackle using a soft minnow bait. Video shows how to identify where to fish and where not to fish. Fish released quickly unharmed. Using barbless hook.

9:37 Hello again, this week we had a request from greatlakesfisher1, a subscriber of ours, to do a bullhead catfishing video. So we did just that. Thanks for the great video suggestion, greatlakesfisher1! Ivo takes you shore fishing as he baits up with live worms to fish for bullhead catfish in the spring along a creek. He shares many tips and techniques on how to bait your hook, how to leave a scent trail, and more. All which help in landing catfish after catfish! I hope you enjoy this bullhead catfishing video, and as always good fishin'! PS: let us know how you fish for bullheads by posting a comment or video response. We'd love to hear it!


Welcome to the third episode in our "Beginners Series" from In this episode you will learn how to tie the very simple yet very successful Brassie pattern. This is a great nymphing pattern that everyone should have in their fly box. And as always, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new patterns and don't forget to check out our website,

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The basics of how to fish small to mid-size mountain streams and rivers. Mountain stream fishing can be among the most rewarding of angling experiences. The fish are generally plentiful and eager to bite, the tackle and techniques required can be kept simple, and the beauty of the natural surroundings makes even a fishless day a success. Some of the basic principles that are covered in this video include:
- Fishing Tackle & Equipment
- Lure Selection
- Prime Fishing Times
- Reading Water
- Presentation