743 pounds of Blue Catfish in 4 hours - SOLO (James River, VA)

from Team Xplore
3 years ago

The most epic day of catfishing EVER ... in 4 hours ... by myself !!! 7 fish over 40 pounds, with a 52, 56 & 62, being the biggest.. Two giant solo doubles and 17 trophy fish over 30 pounds total. All fish caught on fresh caught, cut gizzard shad. WARNING: Please excuse the language ... I just couldn't help myself ! Just be aware that it's there if you need to mute for the little ones ! ;) No fish was out of the water more than 5 minutes and all fish swam away happy and alive to be caught another day. Come join us at http://www.richmondsigns.com for all of the action ! Also, if you want to do a trip on the James and catch some monsters like these (or even in the Chesapeake Bay for many other species) ... contact licensed charter captain, Hunter Tucker at http://www.hawghunterfishing.com ! Tight lines and keep it reel !!! I've also launched a new line of custom, high quality fishing decals. Something for everyone ! Check it out here ... http://richmondsigns.3dcartstores.com/

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