Bullhead Fishing How Tutorial

3 years ago
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Published on Jun 4, 2012

A quick clip on how to catch bullheads in your creeks and ponds

Things you need
#1 Off!! Them mosquitoes are nasty in the small creeks and ponds at night

#2 A pack of number 6 or smaller hooks, they will swallow most of your hooks, if hooked deep don't try and remove the hook just cut it or they will die.

#3 Small Small split shots just one will do about 10 inches above your hook,

#4 corks, make sure to make them sliding to get to the bottom

#5 shrimp for bait, I have tried every thing for bait and use what you want but small pieces of shrimp works best for bullheads

#6 bait bucket or something to keep them alive in.

#7 small pole with light line

#8 Glow tips and tape, just tape a small glow-tip on your cork for visibility ,use electrical tape

#9 Warning DO not shine the light on the water or they will spook and stop biting, when baiting your hook don't use large pieces of bait, use small bits and pieces. And always fish at night for best results

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