Got Bait? Mahi Madness Above and Underwater, Fish-cam Attacked!

6 years ago
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These fish go CRAZY (and on the underwater fish-cam!!) from the moment we started filming this episode of the Got Bait? fishing series. It's usually bait versus lures in hand-to-hand fishing combat, but in this episode, it's just plain fishing insanity. The mahi-mahi go absolutely berserk, attacking baits, jumping out of the water, and even trying to eat one of the cameras. Just wait until you see what I’m talking about with your own eyes, people—there's some shocking footage, in this one! Oh, yeah - and we also learn some cool bailing techniques from Capt. Larry Golden, get into rigging for dolphinfish, and learn about their migration patterns.

Watch the video and then take this fishing quiz to test your knowledge:

You can also learn why Lenny thinks the results are a bit lopsided in this bait vs. lures contest:

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