How to fly fish for Trout - Totally Awesome Fishing Show

from Team Xplore
3 years ago

This episode does what it says in the title. Fly fishing for Trout can be rewarding as you have the pleasure of making that perfect cast turn into the perfect catch. Graeme Pullen gives the beginners a big boost with his essential, easy-to-follow casting tips. And with 40 years fly fishing experience, he freely admits he is not a "pretty" caster - but the man certainly knows how to catch trout. In this episode he takes the Totally Awesome Fishing film editor and son Mike Pullen on his first ever fly fishing trip - all genuine, and not faked for camera. Mike soon taps in to the Avington Rainbows, but even Graeme is amazed at how quickly his son gets among the trout - of course, it must be his excellent coaching! Join the AWESOME ARMY: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: for fishing DVD's and articles. Music: Ben Wilshire

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