Huge, Monster Alaska Pike From The Midnight Sun

from Team Xplore
4 years ago

To join us on a fishing trip call 612-670-0744. Hall Of Fame Angler Bob Mehsikomer and Greg Befus fish huge pike in Alaska. Bob Mehsikomer and Simply Fishing Extreme TV would like to thank you for taking the time to enjoy this episode. 14 time world record holder and Hall Of Fame Angler Bob Mehsikomer develop new and exciting techniques each week, that you can apply to your fishing experience. As a contributing designer to A-Team Tackle Bob brings his creative insights in the design and development of cutting edge lures projected to produce more and bigger fish for you. A-Team Tackle's Assassin, Avenger, Aggressor, Agitator, AK-10, Mya-Boo, Roller, Tweeter, Orca, Attact Dawg, Snoop Dawg and more are among the industries biggest producers because of you, the angler. Simply Fishing Extreme TV is seen weekly on WFN playing to more than 40,000,000 households. To advertise or become a product sponsor of Simply Fishing Extreme TV, please contact us at or We look forward to working to promote your facility or product on Simply Fishing Extreme TV.

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