MONSTER 1000+ LB STURGEON JUMPS INTO BOAT and flops back out! Scary as hell!

6 years ago
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Youtube video by jjraceday

WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THIS FISH. Me and my buddies where fishing and this Monster sturgeon jumps half way into the boat, hits my buddy and falls back into the water. Then the 5 pound sinker comes out of the water and hits the side of the boat. Scared the crap out of us. By far the biggest sturgeon I have ever caught or seen on ANY fishing show for that matter. This fish is as big if not bigger then any sturgeon on YouTube. I just wish we would have thought to drive it to he shore or stretch it out but we were so shook up. You can compare these with this one and you will see there is no way this is not close to 1000lb. These were all caught the same week on the Columbia River.
You can see the mouth on any of those are half the size of the one above and the fins are twice as large. Oh and by the way, that was my hand in it's mouth there Batman.

The boat is 22' long so the sturgeon in the video in this comment were 8' to 12' while the above fish was bigger than any of those in the other video and not even close.


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