Surf Fishing an Uninhabited Island

6 years ago
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Published on Jun 17, 2016 Youtube Video by Hushin  

12:22 Got Stung By a Stingray
13:35 First Striper
18:16 Bigger Striper, caught by snagging a rig in the stripers mouth!
25:42 Stingray Barb Extraction

This was a Surf Drum mission gone wrong, we drove many hours south to dead end where we launched our Kayaks and Paddled over to Island X, which is on the East Coast, USA. From there we Pulled and Pushed a Kayak full of gear 2+ miles down the beach before setting up for the day, after a few hours at the first spot things were looking dismal so we packed up and moved down the beach where Matt was pretty sure there would be some fish. Sure enough, we caught some nice fish, 2 nice Stripers 30lbs+, one of which was caught by the skin of his teeth, by hooking an old rig that was hanging out of the gut of the fish. I caught many Sting Rays, one of which took a stab at my foot and broke his stinger off in my waders.

All said and done this was a crazy trip that I will never forget, thanks for watching!

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