Went fishing for blue catfish with my sister and two of her daughters. They each caught their first catfish ever, including a 24 lb blue catfish.


Went creek fishing for bluegill, sunfish and bream using a 12' telescoping cane pole. Catching small bluegills in a tiny creek is great fun and let my 3 year old son get involved more.

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Crappie, bass and pike on slip bobber on Wabigoon Lake near Dryden Ontario.

during spring the crappie and bass can be found really shallow as they spawn and guard their nests.

Minnows, minnow imitation or crappie tubes and Fox Vibrax lures were used in the video.

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Docks are crappie magnets during the spring and fall months, and dock shooting is the most effective way to reach them. Crappie fishing ace Lee Pitts breaks it down in detail in this thorough video: how to shoot docks, fish location, reading docks, tackle/equipment and more. If you like crappie fishing and enjoy a little eye-hand coordination, you’ll want to watch this.


Fishing for the little cousin of the muskie in southern New Brunswick in June 2016. Chain pickerel are a great sport fish that provide lots of action. They're quite abundant in the Province and are a great species for the young and old alike.
Music: "Slow Death" by The Flamin Groovies


While Kayak fishing, i have hooked on a monster dropshot fishing at a south jersey pond. I landed a chain pickerel that was definitely heavier than 5 lbs. My brother previously hooked onto one that was 4.7 lbs that was a bit smaller. Trip was on July 3, 2015. On my Jackson Kayak Cuda 12.

As you have noticed, I am watching my fish finder as I am familiar with the area. I was fishing around a side of a point where i was constantly seeing fish after the dropoff because there are weeds after it. I put my lure down right after the drop off and when then weed starts and BOOM goes the dynamite! The pickerel smashes my lure and i was in for one heck of a fight!

And yeah.. I screwed up the text in the video... I must have hit the Undo button 1 extra time LOL.....

Lowrance Elite 4 CHIRP
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12
Okuma Trio-S
Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod 7 ft
Suffix 832 Braid - 6lbs
Zoom Tiny Fluke
Mustad #2 Aberdeen hook

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We went bowfishing in shallow waters for Tilapia and Carp at Lake Mead. Bowfishing takes practice and this video demonstrates how we find the Tilapia and hunt them with our AMS Bowfishing gear. If you have never tried bowfishing we recommend this you give it a try. We had a blast while helping take care of the invasive species populations.

Video by Sin City Outdoors

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Video by Andrew Flair Outdoors

Bass fishing in ponds can be on of the best ways to catch a trophy sizes largemouth bass! I get asked on a daily basis what my favorite baits to use when I'm fishing ponds, so here it is! My top 5 favorite pond fishing baits to catch bass!

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▪️Set-Up #1:
Castaway Taranis 7' 3" Heavy -
7.5:1 Reel
50lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid -

▪️Set-Up #2:
Topwater Walking Bait