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Wet fly fishing is an effective and easy means of searching for feeding trout. In this excellent video Norm Bolen describes the essentials of wet fly fishing along with professional guide Rob Heal. Casts, presentation and fly patterns are all discussed.

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Congratulations to Marlee Norman Jr and Tony Taylor Winning tournament on Lake Seminole 1st place and big fish. Great job guys! For more information visit:

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Film about my fishing trips to Russia, mostly Siberia in last few years.


Our last fishing day on lake of the woods! Big fat Bertha finally decided to bite the 14" crankbait, I love these fish!

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Bryce hooked into a octopus which he originally thought was a snag. I was able to get some pretty sweet underwater shots while it was next to his kayak. The octopus was kept and enjoyed. It swallowed a pretty large hook so its survival was unlikely. I used a Kodak Playsport (Zx3) to film this.

Further info for the people commenting:

This animal was not wasted. Its sacrifice was well respected among those that did eat it. I'm not a biologist of any kind, but a simple search on the internet shows that octopuses are not a rare animal. In fact, there is evidence that suggests they are overpopulated in their range. They have a life-span of 3 to 5 years so I'm guessing because of its size that this one was nearing the end of that span. So, I would rather it be killed quickly and not wasted than it be set free to suffer and starve for the last year or so of its life with a six inch hook in its mouth.


Published on May 16, 2011


With the help of such fish trap you can catch a small fish, such as minnow, loach, gudgeon. It has been noticed that because of the big natural curiosity gudgeons often swim into the traps without bait! Video lesson of a trap may be used both for an ordinary fishing using bait fish and extreme situation is survival conditions, when you intend to eat caught fish.
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Crazy Experimenter

Published on May 19, 2016


I go out to The Logan River where I get STABBED by one of the worlds DEADLIEST fish but still manage to catch some Bull sharks.

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The Story: Well over the past few weeks I've been searching for Bull Sharks and after traveling to a few different places, using different bait and I had NO LUCK. Then my Uncle Steven told me that one of the best places to catch BULL SHARKS is in the Logan River, and the 2 best baits to use is freshwater eel, or live mullet. So a week later I travelled up to Logan & went fishing with him to try and catch some Bull Sharks so we could show you how to catch and release a Shark. After heading out to the junction of the Logan & Albert Rivers, we threw the anchor down, chucked in the baits and


Joe Humphrey teaches the essentials of nymph fly fishing. This full-length show was shot in Joe's home region of Pennsylvania.
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4:05 is happy to bring you this short video on how to use an indicator to nymph fish. This is a preview for an upcoming full length DVD on indicator nymph fishing. This is just the basics, a quick overview in the DVD we will cover everything from leader setup to reading the water and what flies to use and how to tie them.


New Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park Movie available at:

How to Fly Fish in Colorado with Confidence

Music by Danial Bachman

And James Beaudreau


Floating an unfamiliar river for some super aggressive pike. I searched around for a while, and then found one of the best pike holes I've fished in a while!

Fly rod: 9' 8wt Orvis Clearwater rod (4 piece)
Reel: Waterworks‑Lamson Liquid Fly Reel 3.5
Line: 8wt scientific anglers fly line, 20lb tapered flouro leader with a 20lb RIO wire tippet.

Rod/reel setup:
-Quantum Octane 6'6" medium heavy action rod with an Abu Garcia silver max and 30lb braided line, connected to a 27lb 9" steel leader.
***The rod and reel I was using is a cheap setup, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I only use it at the river in case something happens, I'd rather break that than an expensive rod/reel.


Fly Fishing in New Zealands back country with fishy Steve Taupo guide..
Check out for more fishing stories and adventures from Tasmania and the world!!


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This video is the 2nd part of my day trip to some beautiful trout water in Nebraska! I fished a crystal clear creek and was fortunate enough to catch my limit of rainbow trout in a few hours. Then I show a tutorial on how to clean whole rainbow trout, and take them home and cook them in a badass new recipe: Lemon Garlic Butter & Herb pan cooked trout. THIS IS NOT ONE TO MISS!

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Unexpected catch ► 10:57

Made a little day trip to hit a beautiful stream that is rumored to hold some GIANT brown trout. Upon arrival, it was painful to see them tucked up under a tree branch...laughing at me as I hurled my sparkly eggs. While the big browns swerved me, I did catch a ton of fish including an unexpected species while fishing this little creek.

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Modifying Your Original Kastmaster!
For areas of poor water visibility i prefer to use small reflective metal spoons like Kastmasters & Krocodiles to attract fish through the murk. For deeper areas of fresh water intrusion to harbors where water clarity is influenced by poor circulation i use larger heavier metal lures. The increased reflective surface area combined with the increased weight allows me to cast greater distances. Areas of clearer visibility fish tend to rely more on visual acuity so having less "solid" visual accessories (ie metal swivels, snaps, etc) on your mainline/leader plays a huge role in hooking-up on your casts.

I've learned how to modify my smaller lighter metal lures to the larger more reflective spoons. The 2oz Kastmasters are large & extremely reflective. I love the distance i get casting them. Because of the weight i prefer areas of deeper depths or sandy bottoms (less chance of snagging). My combo of choice for this is my Shimano Spheros SW6000 "Salt Water" filled with blue 50lb Jerry Brown braid mounted on a Lamiglass fast action/medium


The Nichols Mojo Spoon:

The Nichols Mojo Spoon is a great bait for going after winter bass. The spoon is a great tool for lethargic or lazy bass, and the Nichols Spoon is one of the best you can find. Let LakeForkGuy explain exactly how to fish these baits from where to throw them, what gear to use, and how to rig!


In this special saltwater episode I use tiny spoons! - (coming soon!)

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A fishing record's been smashed off the WA coast with the biggest blue marlin ever caught in Australia reeled in off Exmouth.


Tim Landwehr and Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company brings you this basic video series on fly fishing 101. Check us out at to learn more about fly fishing.


Matt gives up the buzzbait secrets in this one! Trick modifications, how to skip buzzbaits, which baits work best for different applications, all wrapped up into this quick fishing video!

Double Buzzbaits...
River2Sea Double Plopper:
D&M Double Hammer:
BladeRunner Double Buzz: Direct From Manufacturer

Skirtless Buzzbaits...
Dirty Jigs Pro Buzz:
Lunker Lure Buzz N Shad:

Head Knocker Buzzbaits...
Zorro Baits Head Knocker:
Nichols Reflex:

Plastic Bladed Buzzbaits...
D&M Slow Roller:

Clacker Buzzbaits...
Booyah Buzz:
Jackall FireCracker:


A buzzbait is to topwater fishing, what a jig is to bottom fishing — a BIG FISH lure. The size and aggressive action of the buzzbait triggers bites from the biggest bass in the system, especially during the fall and post spawn. Denny Brauer explains the mechanics of effective buzzbait fishing. This is all-around good how-to content for those looking to catch a bigger average sized bass when they’re on the topwater chew.

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Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits:

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In this week's video I put my favorite early spring panfish baits up against each other to see which is the best. This test I compared Magic Bait's Crappie Bites, Gulp Alive Minnows, beemoths and marabou jigs! What should I test next?

Recorded February 27, 2016
Location: Burdette Park, Evansville Indiana


My personal experience with crappie nibbles has been extremely positive. I always have at least one jar with me any time I am fishing. If the bite is slow using one of these on your jig will make all the difference in getting fish to bite and hold on a little bit longer to give you time to set the hook.
Here is where you can find them on Amazon. (Affiliate link)

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This is an innovative Minnow canister! Great for Backpack, Kayak, Trout fishing and on the run fishing. #geniejar must have


6 bass in a row at 4:40
2 trout in a row at 8:50

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Lures Used:
-Panther Martin Spinner Spinnerbait (1/4 ounce, gold, silver)

Rod/Reel/Line used:
-Team Daiwa Steez 103HA (6:3:1 - 20 lb suffix 832 braid, 12 lb seaguar tatsu leader) with a BPS Johnny Morris Carbonlite micro 6'6" med/fast


Location: Columbia, Maryland
Date: March 11th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Covering water, fishing over emerging grass in 2-4 feet of water
Time Fished: 1 pm - 5 pm
Air Temp: 64 degrees
Water Temp: 56 degrees
Water Clarity: 20 inches
Conditions: Mostly sunny with winds from the NW up to 10 mph
Hatcam used: Gopro hero 4 silver (1080p, 60 FPS, medium FOV) - chesty + external audio


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Hey guys, here's a video on how I like to store soft plastics. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out some more of my videos below!!

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Soft plastic worms come in many forms and one of the most popular is a simple stick bait. Let Lake Fork Guy explain to you your best options when it comes to rigging a style of soft plastic worm known as stickbaits. The stickbait, just a straight tail worm made of soft plastic imitating baitfish, gives off a subtle action that catches fish from winter to summer. Here's a breakdown of the sections of this video.

Texas Rig - 30 Seconds
Shaky Head - 3:26
Wacky Rig - 5:15
Drop Shot - 7:25

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