Trout Fishing Paradise on the Bow River


The Bow River in Alberta starts out high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, fed by the melting Bow Glacier that feeds Bow Lake, which is its origin. From Bow Lake, the river flows through some spectacular mountain areas, including Banff National Park, through the foothills towards the city of Calgary, and then to the prairies beyond. The Bow River is known among anglers as one of the best trout streams in the world, with both rainbow trout and brown trout, famous for their size as well as their fighting ability.

The upper portion of the Bow River, in the area near Banff, has trout that are much smaller than those that can be caught downstream, but the surrounding scenery will more than make up for the smaller size of the fish. The angler on the upper Bow River will be fishing in an icy, fast, clear mountain stream surrounded by stunning mountain vistas. There is always a good chance of spotting bald eagles, black bears and elk while fly-fishing in this pristine wilderness.

After descending from its mountain origins, the Bow River flows through Calgary, a modern city of over one million people, serviced by a large international airport. East of Calgary, the landscape becomes flat, and the Bow River slows down to about five lazy miles an hour. The stretch of the Bow River between Calgary and the hamlet of Carseland is considered to be one of the best trout fishing streams anywhere in the world. Not only are the trout caught in this stretch of the river often more than twenty inches long, they are also spectacular fighters, providing even experienced anglers with an unforgettable challenge.

There are many fishing outfitters in the Bow River area, both upstream and downstream from Calgary, who are intimately familiar with every inch of the local river. They understand the eating habits and hiding places of the trout, as well as other fish in the vicinity. Various tour packages are available, including day trips floating down the Bow River, camping trips, corporate getaways and fishing lessons for those who are new to the sport of fly-fishing.

The Bow River in Alberta, Canada is considered by many anglers to be one of the top trout fishing streams in the world. This river is filled with large rainbow trout and brown trout that make it an angler’s paradise. Whether upstream or downstream from the city of Calgary, the Bow River draws thousands of anglers who return year after year to fish this legendary river and take in the spectacular scenery.