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Here's a dry fly from http://holsingersflyshop.com, This is the very simple to tie Griffith Gnat, I usually tie this in a size 20-22 hook.

Welcome to another video from http://holsingersflyshop.com. Here is my way for tying sucker spawn.

From the team at http://holsingersflyshop.com this is the pattern I use to tie for a Black Nosed Dase that I fish.

http://holsingersflyshop.com Here is the pattern we used on our recent trip to Colorado for monster cuttroats.

Here is our first travelog video from our recent trip to Colorado on the Uncompahgre River with http://holsingersflyshop.com.

Welcome to the first episode of our "Beginners Fly Tying Series" from http://holsingersflyshop.com.