Congratulations to Marlee Norman Jr and Tony Taylor Winning tournament on Lake Seminole 1st place and big fish. Great job guys! For more information visit:

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Film about my fishing trips to Russia, mostly Siberia in last few years.


Our last fishing day on lake of the woods! Big fat Bertha finally decided to bite the 14" crankbait, I love these fish!

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Floating an unfamiliar river for some super aggressive pike. I searched around for a while, and then found one of the best pike holes I've fished in a while!

Fly rod: 9' 8wt Orvis Clearwater rod (4 piece)
Reel: Waterworks‑Lamson Liquid Fly Reel 3.5
Line: 8wt scientific anglers fly line, 20lb tapered flouro leader with a 20lb RIO wire tippet.

Rod/reel setup:
-Quantum Octane 6'6" medium heavy action rod with an Abu Garcia silver max and 30lb braided line, connected to a 27lb 9" steel leader.
***The rod and reel I was using is a cheap setup, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I only use it at the river in case something happens, I'd rather break that than an expensive rod/reel.


Fly Fishing in New Zealands back country with fishy Steve Taupo guide..
Check out for more fishing stories and adventures from Tasmania and the world!!


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Unexpected catch ► 10:57

Made a little day trip to hit a beautiful stream that is rumored to hold some GIANT brown trout. Upon arrival, it was painful to see them tucked up under a tree branch...laughing at me as I hurled my sparkly eggs. While the big browns swerved me, I did catch a ton of fish including an unexpected species while fishing this little creek.

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Nice rainbow trout on light tackle using a soft minnow bait. Video shows how to identify where to fish and where not to fish. Fish released quickly unharmed. Using barbless hook.


"Oregon Trout Fishing from a Tiny Sailboat", Crane Prairie Reservoir, camping aboard my West Wight Potter 15. Sailing, exploring, camping, fishing.


More carp fishing in England at Cherry lakes. We also visited Caerphilly castle in Wales and the Bibury Trout farm and Windsor before heading back home. Had a wonderful trip.
Cherry Lakes
Caerphilly Castle
Bibury Trout Farm


Visit for Catch The Fever Rods and Apparel

Awesome video of Catch The Fever Pro-Staff Angler Zakk Royce catching a 91lb and 105lb blue in less than 24hours apart shattering the existing 89lb North Carolina state record for blue catfish. Zakk is also one of the operators of Blues Brothers Guild Service. To learn more about the Big Cat Fever rods that where used in this video or to book a trip with Blues Brother Guild Service visit and for more info!


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Went fishing for blue catfish with my sister and two of her daughters. They each caught their first catfish ever, including a 24 lb blue catfish.


Went creek fishing for bluegill, sunfish and bream using a 12' telescoping cane pole. Catching small bluegills in a tiny creek is great fun and let my 3 year old son get involved more.

For video of fishing for blue gill with cured corn and a telescoping cane pole check out

For video catching bluegill with slim jims check out

For an awesome video of Tommy catching his first salmon all by himself check out


Crappie, bass and pike on slip bobber on Wabigoon Lake near Dryden Ontario.

during spring the crappie and bass can be found really shallow as they spawn and guard their nests.

Minnows, minnow imitation or crappie tubes and Fox Vibrax lures were used in the video.

For more of my crappie videos see these links.

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Docks are crappie magnets during the spring and fall months, and dock shooting is the most effective way to reach them. Crappie fishing ace Lee Pitts breaks it down in detail in this thorough video: how to shoot docks, fish location, reading docks, tackle/equipment and more. If you like crappie fishing and enjoy a little eye-hand coordination, you’ll want to watch this.


Fishing for the little cousin of the muskie in southern New Brunswick in June 2016. Chain pickerel are a great sport fish that provide lots of action. They're quite abundant in the Province and are a great species for the young and old alike.
Music: "Slow Death" by The Flamin Groovies


While Kayak fishing, i have hooked on a monster dropshot fishing at a south jersey pond. I landed a chain pickerel that was definitely heavier than 5 lbs. My brother previously hooked onto one that was 4.7 lbs that was a bit smaller. Trip was on July 3, 2015. On my Jackson Kayak Cuda 12.

As you have noticed, I am watching my fish finder as I am familiar with the area. I was fishing around a side of a point where i was constantly seeing fish after the dropoff because there are weeds after it. I put my lure down right after the drop off and when then weed starts and BOOM goes the dynamite! The pickerel smashes my lure and i was in for one heck of a fight!

And yeah.. I screwed up the text in the video... I must have hit the Undo button 1 extra time LOL.....

Lowrance Elite 4 CHIRP
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12
Okuma Trio-S
Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod 7 ft
Suffix 832 Braid - 6lbs
Zoom Tiny Fluke
Mustad #2 Aberdeen hook

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We went bowfishing in shallow waters for Tilapia and Carp at Lake Mead. Bowfishing takes practice and this video demonstrates how we find the Tilapia and hunt them with our AMS Bowfishing gear. If you have never tried bowfishing we recommend this you give it a try. We had a blast while helping take care of the invasive species populations.

Video by Sin City Outdoors

I'll See You Outdoors!

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Video by Andrew Flair Outdoors

Bass fishing in ponds can be on of the best ways to catch a trophy sizes largemouth bass! I get asked on a daily basis what my favorite baits to use when I'm fishing ponds, so here it is! My top 5 favorite pond fishing baits to catch bass!

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▪️Set-Up #1:
Castaway Taranis 7' 3" Heavy -
7.5:1 Reel
50lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid -

▪️Set-Up #2:
Topwater Walking Bait


Video by Sin City Outdoors.  We fished a small lake in Nevada for Largemouth Bass and Bluegills. We caught tons of fish and had a blast. We released all Bass and kept about 15 Bluegills. We heard about this lake through a Subscriber who asked for us to keep the lake a secret. If you know what lake it is.... please respect his request. I'll See You Outdoors!

Music By: Direct to Video by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Source: Artist: Sin City Outdoors

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Video by kitesurfusa

This video is about salmon fishing the honey hole with good friends, FISH ON.


Published on Jun 25, 2015

Video By Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

How to find good fishing spots anywhere using some internet tools.
The first one is Navionics, this site feature detailed mapping of all the lakes and water ways across the US and the 2nd tool is google maps, this tool provides accurate road information of potential hot spots you can access from the bank.


Video by rivergod21

Alex and Shane hiked 6 Km into the top of a river system to get at some awesome Rainbows. All on the Nymph using strike indicators.

Published on Jun 6, 2016 Youtube Video by j0j0barz33  

CORRECTION: Music is by Creepa not "Anata" Check the link below and listen to the song :)

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Snag your own Mystery Tackle Box --

LamePbassin and I hit up the local pond to compete in our very first Barbie Pole challenge. Instead of doing what most have already done we decided to add our own twist and throw in the MTB Pro box. Not only did we have to fish with a 2ft fairy wand, but we were also limited to what we were allowed to fish with. I really hope you enjoyed this

Published on Jun 16, 2016 Youtube Video by Bigbassmaster1  

WATCH IN HD! Went out to the pits for a evening of fishing. Was shocked to find that some fish ere still on beds. I took Advantage of the clear water and had a great evening of bass fishing.

All my fish were caught on the Bio Spawn 6 & 4 Inch Plasma Tail

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Published on Jun 19, 2016 Youtube Video by j0j0barz33  

The LAST and final day of our Wisconsin excursion Ft. Apbassin, Andrew Flair, and that one guy Chris. I hope you all enjoyed this 5 part series. If you are reading this and want me to do more (or less) vlog series like this let me know! Like I've said in the past your feedback is golden and I love hearing everyones input. Thanks for watching and as always...keep fishing, never stop!
--Young Plugg

Song: Crunching -- Artist: Croup


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Youtube video by jjraceday

WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THIS FISH. Me and my buddies where fishing and this Monster sturgeon jumps half way into the boat, hits my buddy and falls back into the water. Then the 5 pound sinker comes out of the water and hits the side of the boat. Scared the crap out of us. By far the biggest sturgeon I have ever caught or seen on ANY fishing show for that matter. This fish is as big if not bigger then any sturgeon on YouTube. I just wish we would have thought to drive it to he shore or stretch it out but we were so shook up. You can compare these with this one and you will see there is


Youtube video by Sea-Money Fishing  Check out this awesome channel at

This video is from a stocked trout water just outside Philadelphia, I use Trout Magnets to catch numerous trout as I walk the creek, this is a delaware county approved trout water in southeastern PA. I take these trout to the Schuylkill and chunk them for Flatheads and the Flatheading was slow but there should be some Flathead Vids coming up very soon. Thanks for watching!


Youtube Video by Pole Bender

I tried Muddy River Catfishing's Chicken Liver Chum Bait VS my Garlic Hot Dogs and the results were amazing. I took this experiment to my favorite Texas fishing hole expecting different results. This stuff is good and will be put into my catfishing arsenal. Check out Muddy River Catfishing on youtube... he's a pro As requested, I put a list below of the gear used in this video. Tight Lines Everyone!

Black Pole: 5/0 Octopus Hook

Double Drop Rig


Really Hard Fight for Giuseppe Errani with a monster catfish over 260 lbs in vertical fishing. Awesome and Incredible Fish !! For More Informations Visit:

Youtube video by Catfishing World by Yuri Grisendi.  Check out this awesome channel at