Hydro Glow Fishing Lights


Fish, like most other animals, tend to be attracted by lights--especially at night. Unfortunately, most dock and boat lights that you will find tend to be too difficult to be able to see once they're in the water. The products manufactured by Hydro Glow Fishing Lights, on the other hand, are equipped with waterproof, high-output LEDs that allow you to see fish and attract them right toward you.

Darrell Keith, the president of Hydro Glow, has been in the business of manufacturing quality fishing lights for more than a decade. The products his company makes can help you be more successful at off-the-boat and off-the-dock fishing as well as flounder gigging, shrimping, and ice fishing. All models are high quality, energy efficient, and virtually unbreakable. They are also perfectly tailored to the kind of fishing you are looking to do.

According to Keith, his products principally make use of green lights because his research has proven that these attract the most fish. The green lights draw in the most plankton because they use this light to reproduce. Since baitfish like to eat plankton, they follow their food source toward the light as well. White light works to attract plankton too, but it tends to be absorbed by the water more quickly and makes it harder for you to see far into the depths. Additionally, some species of larger fish are attracted to light regardless of plankton, so they will gather around your Hydro Glow also.

Hydro Glow offers different models of dock lights that can be used either above or in the water. They are perfect for attracting fish toward your dock, either for fishing or just to watch. You can choose your level of brightness based on how big of a light you get, and you will love the way that these products enhance fishing and add to the ambience of your dock.

The off-the-boat series of lights from Hydro Glow can be lowered into the water off the side of your boat when you are out fishing. The soft glow will attract baitfish toward the surface, which draws predator fish toward your boat. The lights are designed with several different power source options, so you can choose whether to use them with alligator clips, an accessory plug, or a standard 12v power supply at any given time. Even ice fishermen can benefit from these lights by placing them in the water and then drilling holes in a circle about 20 feet out from the light. Baitfish will be attracted to the light, and then you can catch the predator fish as they swim toward their bait.

You can watch a product test of one of the Hydro Glow Fishing Lights here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWcKZm-Z-oM

To find out more and purchase the product for yourself, visit the Hydro Glow website:http://hydroglow.com/index.htm