Shimano Curado 200E7


Reasons Why the Shimano Curado Baitcast Reels Stand Tall among Bash Fishing Reels

If you are looking for the perfect fishing reel for largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass and peacock bass then look no further than the Shimano Curado E Low-Profile Baitcast Reels. Many experienced bass fishermen in the past complained about their difficulties with finding a high performance bass fishing reel until this series was released by Shimano. The Curado 200E7 became an instant hit with bass fishermen all over the world as soon as it was released on the market. The great news is that the manufacturer has gone ahead to revolutionize its design to the extent that its performance level is now light years ahead of rival products.

A question you may inevitably be asking right now is what sets Shimano Curado apart from its competitors? One of the greatest qualities of these popular bass fishing reels is the fact that their design is very smooth. They are portable and extremely lightweight compared to other fishing reels on the market for bass fishing. However, they perform exceptionally well and don’t come with any discomforts unlike many of its competitors. The newly designed reel comes with a more powerful gearbox as well as a surged bearing count. Whether you have been baitcasting reels for many years or just a beginner, you will have no issues catching largemouth or mallmouth bass fish with the Curado 200E7 or CU300E. These fishing reels are equally effective when catching larger species such as striped bass and peacock bass.

Abu Garcia is one of the most renowned fishing reel manufacturers in the world and has a range of reels in its Classic series which are direct competitors of the Shimano Curado Baitcast Reels. Even though the Classic series reels come with additional bearings, they are quite bulky and result in lots of discomfort when used extensively. This is due to its relatively heavy weight compared to the Curado. On the other hand, the level of comfort that comes with baitcasting with the Shimano Curado gives bass fishermen the ability to go on extended trips where they can fish all day and night.

Another reason why the Shimano Curado stands tall among all bass fishing reels on the market is as a result of its multi-functionality. Unlike its competitors, the Curado can be effectively used no matter the type of baitcasting method you are familiar with. The manufacturer is aware of the fact that some fishermen prefer using alternative methods to spinnerbaits and designed this fishing reel with all anglers in mind. The powerful Shimano Curado CU300E is quite affordable at approximately $250. You can search extensively online for access to unbelievable deals if you want to pay lower than the average prices.